Thursday, February 28, 2013

Draw The Circle by Mark Batterson

This being my second time of reading a book by Mark Batterson I can say that I would recommend any of his writings. This particular book has been one that you must read chapter by chapter. Meaning, only one chapter at one sitting. There is much to ponder and meditate upon. I have no doubt that the author has written using revelations the Holy Spirit has illuminated upon him. I don't feel as though I am reading what man has written...but reading what Holy Spirit has said. I do feel it would have been better to have already read “The Circle Maker” as the author refers back to this previous book quite frequently. (I have not read that one as yet) There are many testimonies shared here. Consider reading this or any of Mark Batterson's writings if you want to grow spiritually. Lord bless you in your walk with Him! I received this book for free in exchange for a free book review from the publisher, Zondervan, through the book review program. I was not required to write a favorable review. Freely I have been given and freely I give.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Journey Beyond Being Catholic by Connie Limmex

I am often intrigued by testimonies of those who were Catholic and who were led by God to leave the Catholic faith. Reason being, I was raised as a Catholic and even had an uncle who was a priest and yet the Lord also led me out of the Catholic faith. This is not a story AGAINST being is a story of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and being led by His Spirit. The author states that one can have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and still be involved in many religions as the Spirit leads. (my words) This is my belief also. As I began to read I found myself in yet another one of those “I cannot put this book down!” type of writings. I could so relate to Connie Limmex as much that she shared is so similar to how the Lord has worked in my own life. There is so much the Lord wants to say through this author's words. One of the things the Lord has spoken to me is that I ought to begin to write my own book. This is not the first time this message has come across on this subject and I am waiting on the Lord for His guidance and direction. There is also a strong salvation message to the unsaved and I hope and pray that many will come to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ through this author's words. I really didn't like the front cover of this book at first sight. If you look at it quickly it looks like the title says, “My Journey Being Catholic.” When in reality it says, “My Journey Beyond Being Catholic.” As I looked more at it and took more time I found I liked it a whole lot. It's not really a very big book. Only 116 pages in all. But ya know...sometimes you want a shorter book that is easy to read...both of which this book is. Lighter reading so to speak and yet the Lord speaks measures through the pages. I am thinking now of all who I would like to lend this book out to. For one, is one of my younger sisters. This book reminds me that we still ought to be witnessing to the unsaved and sharing our testimonies with them as to how the Lord has changed our own lives from “black to white.” I totally recommend this book. I received this book for free from Life Sentence Publishing, LLC in exchange for a free book review through the book review program. I was not required to write a favorable review. Freely I have been given and freely I give.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Stumbling On Open Ground by Ken Mansfield

Let me start out by saying that by reading the words that this author, Ken Mansfield, wrote...that the Lord has increased my faith to believe for my future...for whatever may come my way. I cannot go on with this review without first sharing of how I have had such a fear of cancer. This is due to my father, grandfather, aunt and uncle all dying of it and also due to one of my younger sisters now currently battling it. My older sister is in the clear of cancer for the time being but there is not a day that goes by that she does not fear it's return. I am “sandwiched” in between the two sisters who are in this battle. This is not just a book on dealing with cancer but yes it is a book on dealing with cancer. This is a book on walking in the valley of the shadow of death and fearing no evil. A powerfully written testimony of how, despite tremendous pain and suffering, a person can still hold on tightly and rely on the Lord for His strength. Ken Mansfield may be a man who is in a battle with cancer but to me this is not his identity. His identity is as a child of God, as a man of a truly gifted writer and I am not sure what all else. I loved that Ken Mansfield has worked directly with the Beatles as I grew up watching them on tv and listening to their music. I also loved how Ken relates so strongly to music and shares how the Lord speaks to him in this manner for it is also a way that the Lord speaks to me. At some points when things on this order were shared it brought tears to my eyes...from the depth of my spirit. I loved how Ken's wife, Connie, also shared little tidbits along the way as to her end of things. I have to say...this really made it for me, being a wife myself. So much love between Ken Mansfield and his wife Connie. So much love between Ken Mansfield and his Lord. I so loved reading this book that I had it read in three days. I would have had it finished before this if time had allowed for it. Know that I am not a person who normally read this much and this fast so that ought to tell you a little bit about this book. This book is one of those that you don't want to put down!!! I am so thankful to the Lord for the testimony shared here by Ken Mansfield and for gifting him the way he has. It all matters all matters!!! This comes to me now...words from a song I know.... “If I perish...I perish...for I am see my King...” God be with you readers!!! I highly recommend this one!!! That's an understatement!!! I received this book for free from the publishers in exchange for a book review through the book review program. I was not required to write a favorable review. Freely I have been given and so freely I give.

Friday, February 8, 2013

When Kingdoms Clash by Cindy Trimm

I am always interested and drawn to things written from the Kingdom of God perspective. About ways that we, as believers, do not belong to this world but to the Kingdom of God. I am drawn to this first and foremost by the Holy Spirit. It helps me, helps us all, to see things in this light. This book has seemed to “strike a match” in my to speak...for through the reading of it the Lord has rekindled my faith as well as my prayer life. I feel as though I've been “re-ignited” which is just what I've been searching for in my heart and for what I've been seeking and praying to the Lord for. Not a book to be taken lightly as in a light read. Not to be read in a public place if you are like who cries when the Lord has spoken to me. You can only read this book in little increments or at least you SHOULD only read it this way as you will want to meditate upon what it was you read to get the most out of it. I was touched by the Holy Spirit at every turn of this book and needed to step away from the reading in order to give my full attention to what all the Holy Spirit was wanting to say and do. Did I say that Holy Spirit ministered to me through this book? Through this author? A few points taken from this book which I share to give you a “taste” of the “flavor” of this book are and I quote: “Chances are, whatever touches your heart in what you see day to day also touches the heart of God.” “It's time for us to find our footing and start pushing back for the things Jesus came to this earth to deliver.” “If we never realize the authority God has given us, the enemy has no reason to relinquish his.” There are many other meaty truths which I believe will pack a powerful punch in the face of the enemy and give glory to God! Thinking now...I may just highlight these points and keep this book around awhile...continue to meditate and apply what it is I learn. Do I need to say that I recommend this book? I do, I truly do. I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for a book review through the Charisma book review program. I was not required to write a favorable review. Freely I have received and so freely I give.

I Still Believe by Jeremy Camp

Previously before ordering and then reading this book I have already listened to and loved Jeremy Camp's music. I really looked forward then to hearing Jeremy's story. I had other new books to read which were on a stack in the order I intended to read them in as I am a reviewers. However, once Jeremy's book arrived in the mail and I had it in my hands and saw the front cover I laid aside all other books and started right in with this book, “I Still Believe.” I was not let down. This book is written in a way which makes you feel you've been talking with Jeremy himself. I love that this is an autobiography and is factual...not a made up sort of thing. This book and it's writings are real...the real deal. I've no doubt the Lord anointed and appointed Jeremy to write this book and share his testimonies. Revelation 12:11 King James Version (KJV) 11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. Having said that...this is a story about a Christian man who went through deep pain in his life all the while following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Such deep pain that I am just sure Jeremy never thought it would ever lighten. Yet the Lord, in His grace and mercy brought restoration to Jeremy's life and in turn healing. I highly recommend this book. Not just for those who are suffering in any way with cancer but yet yes for those who are suffering in any way due to cancer but for all people in all walks of life. There is much to be learned...many lessons of the Lord written here and shared. There are already two people waiting to borrow this book from me when I have finished it. I will come back here at a later point after I've listened to Jeremy's cd and review that as well. Lord bless you!!! I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for a book review through the Tyndale book review program. I was not required to write a favorable review. Freely I have been given and so freely I give.