Sunday, August 5, 2012

Found Missing by Linda Slavin

I must admit that I had an extremely hard time getting through the beginning of this book. So much so that I even considered not reading on any further. However, I felt an urging from the Holy Spirit to continue on with the story and was glad that I did. You see, I had a hard time reading this due to the abuse the author suffered at the hands of her own husband and for a period of many years. Plus the fact that after being baptized in the Holy Spirit I became convicted to change my habits, including what I read…and have grown to be more sensitive… The author did not share all the abuse she suffered. I suspect just enough to give us all an idea of what she had gone through. The author ends up accepting Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. In turn she witnesses to her abusive husband and he, too, accepts Christ. It was a timely conversion for her husband as shortly after this he becomes murdered. I stand once again amazed by God and how He is with His people!!! He not only led this author to His side but her husband also and just before his death! In such a timely manner! But then again…He is an “on time God.”\ As you read this book you will find many other ways the Lord led the author including in finding her new husband and revealing to her who murdered her late husband. This fact was proven and confirmed years later when witnesses fessed up after being riddled with guilt for many years. Worth the read and will bring about an increase in your faith!!! Based on a true story! As always, all glory to our God!!! Here is a link to the author's page. I received this book for free in exchange for a book review from BOOKCRASH. ( I was not required to write a positive review. Freely I have been given and freely I give.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Word Spirit Power by R.T Kendall, Charles Carrin & Jack Taylor.

I knew immediately after reading the title of this book that it was “the next one up” of books the Lord was wanting me to read. It was as if Holy Spirit took a deep breath and gave me mouth to mouth. As I began and continued to read I was reassured this to be the case. I have come to know that people are usually one of two things…1)Having begun in the Word or 2) Having begun in the Spirit. I personally began in the Spirit…I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior at a movie theatre, outside of the four church walls and was baptized in the Holy Spirit in a treatment center, also outside the four church walls. I was given spiritual gifts and was walking in the Spirit long before I understood what any of this meant. It was all confirmed to me in the Word of God years later. I came to see I had a need to know more of God’s Word and always felt a lack in this area. Yet I also found there were people who had the Word but not the Spirit. I found there was a need, and still is, for the two, Spirit and Word to come together. So it was not a surprise to me that the Lord would quicken this book for me to read. Once I attended a conference where the minister shared his secret for having the power of the Holy Spirit…so much so that he would lay hands on the dead and they would come to life again! Yes! He said he moved in the Holy Spirit and that he was continually reading his bible. That made an impact on me and I have held it in my heart. The authors in this book share many nuggets and testimonies of truth regarding the importance of Spirit and Word coming together and equally Power. Especially in the last days. There were parts of the book that were so pure of God’s Truth that it brought me to tears and caused me to practically hold my breath as I took in the words. I am thankful for the Lord placing this very timely book in my hands and I highly recommend it to you as well. May it encourage you to pray regarding your own lack in whichever direction it may be in, whether it be in Spirit or in Word and that the Lord would encourage you as He has me to head in the right direction !!! I received this book for free from the publisher CHOSEN, a division of Baker Publishing Group in exchange for a book review. I was not required to write a favorable review. Freely I have been given, now freely I give.

Visions Of The Coming Days by R.Loren Sandford

This is one book that I have highlighted, underlined and meditated upon. I will not lend it out. It will be kept for my personal library that I may refer back to it. I have already taken this book to a women’s ministry meeting and have read excerpts out of it to share with the others and also recommended they each get their own copy. To be perfectly honest with you, ending up with this particular book in my hands was a set up of the Holy Spirit. He set me up. He prepared me ahead of time using nature…little foxes…beware the little foxes which spoil the vine…little sins which grow up into destruction in ones life. Lord was revealing to me the need for holiness in my life and had begun pointing things out. Next thing I know I am reading about “…the need for integrity and character to be woven into the life of any person who has been given a spiritual gift” via R. Loren Sandford in his book “VISIONS OF THE COMING DAYS.” There are many, many things R.Loren Sandford addresses in this book. It is chock full of material you will want to take in and digest if you are interested in being prepared for what lies ahead in the coming days. I am being shown it is like someone holding a light and showing important facts quite clearly. Reading this book has caused me to become wrecked for anything of the ordinary. A book in due season. I received this book for free in exchange for a book review. I was not required to give a favorable review. Freely I have been given, now freely I give. I received this book from the publisher CHOSEN, a division of Baker Publishing Group.