Sunday, February 10, 2013

Stumbling On Open Ground by Ken Mansfield

Let me start out by saying that by reading the words that this author, Ken Mansfield, wrote...that the Lord has increased my faith to believe for my future...for whatever may come my way. I cannot go on with this review without first sharing of how I have had such a fear of cancer. This is due to my father, grandfather, aunt and uncle all dying of it and also due to one of my younger sisters now currently battling it. My older sister is in the clear of cancer for the time being but there is not a day that goes by that she does not fear it's return. I am “sandwiched” in between the two sisters who are in this battle. This is not just a book on dealing with cancer but yes it is a book on dealing with cancer. This is a book on walking in the valley of the shadow of death and fearing no evil. A powerfully written testimony of how, despite tremendous pain and suffering, a person can still hold on tightly and rely on the Lord for His strength. Ken Mansfield may be a man who is in a battle with cancer but to me this is not his identity. His identity is as a child of God, as a man of a truly gifted writer and I am not sure what all else. I loved that Ken Mansfield has worked directly with the Beatles as I grew up watching them on tv and listening to their music. I also loved how Ken relates so strongly to music and shares how the Lord speaks to him in this manner for it is also a way that the Lord speaks to me. At some points when things on this order were shared it brought tears to my eyes...from the depth of my spirit. I loved how Ken's wife, Connie, also shared little tidbits along the way as to her end of things. I have to say...this really made it for me, being a wife myself. So much love between Ken Mansfield and his wife Connie. So much love between Ken Mansfield and his Lord. I so loved reading this book that I had it read in three days. I would have had it finished before this if time had allowed for it. Know that I am not a person who normally read this much and this fast so that ought to tell you a little bit about this book. This book is one of those that you don't want to put down!!! I am so thankful to the Lord for the testimony shared here by Ken Mansfield and for gifting him the way he has. It all matters all matters!!! This comes to me now...words from a song I know.... “If I perish...I perish...for I am see my King...” God be with you readers!!! I highly recommend this one!!! That's an understatement!!! I received this book for free from the publishers in exchange for a book review through the book review program. I was not required to write a favorable review. Freely I have been given and so freely I give.

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