Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Harboring The Spirit of Jezebel by Apostle Robert Summers

Any of you been battling the spirit of Jezebel? I have discovered that I have been battling the spirit of Jezebel probably my entire life! I have not had the knowledge in hand to know what to do about it and have basically been running away or avoiding it in order to deal with it. This book written by Apostle Robert Summers is quite eye opening and is chock full of facts as well as his own personal testimonies he has written to expose this spirit. It has helped me become even more aware of the tactics of this spirit and how it works and who it works with. I have had and still have this book on my nightstand. I have read/digested it in sections to fully be able to get it. Before I ordered this book I was shown someone I was dealing with as being a host of Jezebel in one area of my life. In yet another area of my life I was shown yet another Jezebel host and given a vision of her as being a spider with a huge web, out to draw in whom she may. When after ordering the book and upon receiving it I saw on the front cover a picture of a spider in a web! Confirmation to me that I had heard right to get this very book. I was not let down when I began to read the pages between the covers. At the very end of the book the author has taken the time to write out prayers you can pray to be delivered of the spirit of Jezebel and her co-horts as well as prayers for basic deliverance. This book is Biblically sound and worth the read. I have read other books on the subject of the spirit of Jezebel but this one hands down is the best one I have found and the one that has helped me the most. I have also ordered and received other materials by Apostle Robert Summers and I intend to order more. I recommend this book HIGHLY as well as his other materials. Apostle Robert Summers has been anointed by the Lord and given much insight in many different areas which he has written about or preached about. What he shares bears witness to my spirit man leaving me wanting for more. “Harboring The Spirit of Jezebel” by Apostle Robert Summers is my book of the year. The one that has made the biggest impact in my life and has helped me the most in my walk with the Lord. May the Lord bless you in your own personal walk with the Lord and may you receive greater knowledge and wisdom as you become further empowered to do the will of the Lord in your own life! In Jesus name I pray, amen.