Monday, February 17, 2014

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World DVD study pack by Joanna Weaver

This review is for Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World DVD study pack. I initally felt led by God to request this set following a woman wanting us to get together to study the bible. We had no leader to guide us and were just going to “wing it.” The bible study idea fell through but I am still glad I ordered and received this set. I have to tell you that I also ordered 2 of the hardcover copies of her Jan. 2nd, 2007 copies as well as her 2004 book on CD. I began listening to the book on CD first as downloaded it onto my MP3 player and took it to work with me. (cleaning business) I am sure that probably most of us women could relate to being more like Martha, the one who was work, work, work...but our hearts are wanting to be more like Mary...the one who spent time with Jesus and washed His feet with her tears and anointed Him with costly perfume. This book will show you the value of taking the time out for the Lord and discuss ways that we can do this in our very busy lives as wives, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, co-workers and friends. Quoting a section in the book, “I discovered what it meant to have a Mary heart toward God. Suddenly my eyes were open to what true devotion is. It is not a duty. It is a delight. It is not an exercise in piety. It is a privilege. And it is not so much a visit as it is a home-coming.” (end of quote) “ So many times in my life I have often wanted to go back in go back home. I have come to realize that my true “home” is with the Lord and that if I want to go back “home” then I need to get back to my intimate times with Him and there I will find it..I will find HIM. There is no place like home! The DVD would be perfect to watch before discussing with a group. I am going to hang onto this material and wait on the Lord for who to share it with. Meanwhile will continue to reach for it to encourage me to keep taking time out for those intimate times with our Lord. This book is a more conservative in nature then what I prefer but I think it would be excellent for those new to the idea of intimacy with our Lord and for reminding those who have fallen away from such practices. I receive this book for free in exchange for a free book review from the WaterBrook Press publishing through the book review program. I was not required to write a favorable review. 11/19/14 UPDATE Since writing this book review I have begun a women's ministry group. This book is the material the Lord dropped in my lap basically to use to begin it. The women have LOVED the materials presented in this study as well as the worksheets I printed out from the author's website. I have gone on to order the next two books and have printed out the worksheets that go along with these studies. I have also MET THE AUTHOR personally while in attendance at a women's retreat (Called2 Conference in Kearney, Nebraska) and I will tell you that she is the "real deal." I whole heartedly recommend doing her materials for your women's group! We have all loved her materials from the new believer to the seasoned believer. Lord bless you!!!

The Pleasure of His Company by Dutch Sheets

The Pleasure Of His Company by Dutch Sheets is a powerful book that can also be used as a devotional. It is a smaller book and hardcover which is my favorite type. I also LOVE the front and back cover and the title fit the hidden treasure inside. I chose to use it as a devotional and am glad that I did. I was so touched by the Lord due to what I read that I was left in tears and in the presence of our Lord at the end of every single chapter. I like the sincere and being real style the author writes in. This is the type of person I would want to have for a close friend. He writes from his heart and from GOD'S heart. The goal of this book is to draw you into a closer, more intimate, friendship with GOD. Reading this book has done this for me. In the past I have read one other book by Dutch Sheets and it was good as well. I fully intend to gather together more of his writings after reading this one. If I had one thing I would change about this book it would be to add a ribbon to mark the pages. That seems to be missing. A beautiful book, beautifully written! The fragrance of the Lord all over doubt it is highly anointed. I love it and will keep it by my bedside. Now that I know I plan to keep it instead of giving it away will be free to highlight all the places where the Lord spoke to me personally. I would rate this one higher stars if I could!!!! Keep writing man of God Dutch Sheets!!!! God bless you readers!!! I received this book for free in exchange for a free book review from Bethany House publishing through their book review program. I was not required to write a favorable review.