Sunday, September 9, 2012

1000 Days The Ministry Of Christ by Jonathan Falwell

This is a book review written on the book “1000 Days” by Jonathan Falwell. The author has the idea that all people are constantly on the search for inner peace. That all have restless hearts. He then goes on to share all the ways that people will try to fill their lives up with things and end up still not at that place of peace. One great example he gives is of the couple who climb one mountain after another. They toil and work so hard to do all they can to reach the top of that one mountain only to find that once they reach the top that they do not have a feeling of satisfaction and must then go and find yet another mountain to climb. The author feels that they weren’t simply climbing mountains but that they were searching for inner peace. It is hard not to take a look at how this has manifested in my own personal life. How many of the things I am doing are actually me searching for that place of inner peace? If you are a Christian and are like me…if things seem to be in turmoil in your life you find you just cannot go even one more minute without having the peace of God back in your life. At times I, myself have to back track and look for the place where I seemed to of lost that peace of God and what now can I do to remedy this? There is no better place to be then in the will of God resting in His peace… The author goes on to share different aspects of the ministry of Jesus…hence the name of this book, “1000 Days” which speaks of the days that Jesus actually was out doing ministry while yet on this earth. Why did the author go from talking about our lack of inner peace and onto the days of Jesus ministering on the earth? Because the author feels and I quote: “ But He did all these things to show us a way of life that is absolutely vital if we want to find rest for our inner longings. It’s not about salvation; it’s about truly becoming the God followers He intends us to be. It’s about finding His purpose for us and thus satisfaction for our inner restlessness. He knows that comes about as we become more like Him. So He’s showing us Himself in a journey of 1,000 days. As we plunge into those 1,000 days, listen to Him saying simply, ‘Watch Me.’” I don’t know about you but I find the more I study about the days that Jesus ministered here while yet on the earth and about the lives of the disciples back in those days the more I hear Holy Spirit speaking to me through those examples. I can be right, smack dab in the middle of ministering to someone and one such example will come to mind. I will then know exactly what it is the Lord is speaking to me for the current situation. I love how God works. I love that I am called to do His work. I love how the Holy Spirit illuminates His Word. I love how Holy Spirit gives revelation to those to write books and shed light on things for all the rest of us to chew on and glean from. This book is written in a fashion that is easy to digest. The author uses many stories or testimonies to help shed some light on the point the is trying to get across. This has helped me to “get it.” I recommend this book to you. I received this book for free in exchange for a book review from the publisher through the BOOKSNEEZE book review program. I was not required to write a favorable review. Freely I have been given and freely I give.

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