Friday, June 13, 2014

Finding Spiritual Whitespace by Bonnie Gray

This book titled, “Finding Spiritual Whitespace” and written by Bonnie Gray has not just touched my heart it has changed my life. I so much wanted to hurry and get this book read so I could have my review written on time for the blog tour I signed up was not meant to be. I found I had to take my time as I read in order to receive the full affect the Lord was wanting me to have as I turned the pages. I had no idea what this book was really, truly about until I began to read and digest it's content. If I could I would say to the author, Bonnie Gray...I hear your heart. It is similar to my own. Bonnie were able to express in words...the things you have gone ways...I had not as yet seen. Such beauty in your expression of writing and in your words. As I went straight in. I wept many times as I turned the pages. In part because of what you yourself have part because of the parallel of my own sufferings as a child. How deep these wounds go and how long they last...they seem to become a part of us. The things the author shared about how her therapist helped her to deal with things that began to rise up...was so much the same as what the Lord recently took me through in my own personal journey. I connect with this author. I can relate to all she shares. Things she has gone through and is healing from bleed through her words in a cleansing sort of way. Reading this book has somehow made me feel understood and even though I have not met the author... I feel we have met. Reading this book for me has been a “God knows my heart, knows all I have been through. He understands it all even if I have no words to express the magnitude of it all or the impact that things have had on my life. He understands me. He “get's” me. Reading this book has caused me to feel...more healed...more whole...more content...more loved. This author is extremely gifted at writing. She has such a way with words. She also said the right words...those that I needed to hear. Bonnie are a beautiful woman on the inside and out. You have a beautiful spirit. God has blessed you. To say that I recommend this book is an understatement. I received this book for free in exchange for a free book review from Revell Publishing. I was not required to write a favorable review.


  1. What honest, thoughtful words you share for Bonnie's review. I so feel the same- connected with her, beautifully as if we'd met. Nice review, Jean.

  2. Thank you Dawn! Honestly...I felt no matter what I wrote...that I could not possibly do Bonnie's writings any justice. She is that gifted/anointed. Seems that the Lord uses pain and wounds and turns them around in such things. Thanks for stopping by and I also read some of your writing on your blog and LOVED your honest style. Have a great day Dawn.