Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Making of a Prophet by Jennifer LeClaire

I am so blessed that it was this book I chose to order. I was talking online to another prophet and he had shared how this book described him to a “T.” I was like...HEY I just ordered that SAME BOOK! So felt this was a confirmation to me from the Lord that I was to read this book in this season. Actually, it would have been so NICE to have had this much sooner! It would have helped me in the things I have had to walk in previously but am hoping it will help me move forward in my calling as a prophetess. The author, Jennifer LeClaire, gives sound, practical and biblical advice for developing your prophetic voice. She goes on with one chapter after another teaching things to beware of and how to deal with certain things that prophets deal with. She can only know these things by having walked them herself and by Holy Spirit directing her as to what to write in order to help us all. Just a few of the topics addressed: “Silencing the Voice of Rejection” “Overcoming Fear of Man” “Shunning Control and Manipulation” “How to avoid Spiritual Deception” “When Your Pastor Persecutes You” “Checking Your Motives” Those are just a hand full of topics listed directed to those who are called to the prophetic. I can see that this is one of those books that I will be referring back to time and time again as I cannot take it all in at one time. This book has been very insightful and helps me to understand why I go through the things that I do. God bless you Jennifer LeClaire for having the courage and boldness to write this! Thank you! I wholly recommend this to those who are called to the prophetic and to others who are wanting to understand those called to the prophetic. I received this book for free in exchange for a free book review from Chosen Publishing through their book review program. I was not required to write a favorable review.

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