Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rules of Engagement by Derek Prince

This is a book written by an author, Derek Prince, who has since passed on. (1913-2003). He is the founder of Derek Prince Ministries International and has written more then sixty books. The author's intentions for his writings was for them to continue on...teaching others, even though he has left this earth. As a legacy, if you will. I, for one, have been taught by this man's legacy. This is not a book you can just quickly read through and be done with. This book has meaty material that must be slowed chewed and digested. I found myself only able to read a few paragraphs before closing the book. I was left to ponder and meditate upon what it was I had just read. At every turn I found myself being directed back to the Word. Once again...convicted that I need to spend more time with my nose the Word of God...then in any other reading material. The author teaches about so many subjects. I have my favorite subjects upon which he has touched on to my delight and which I read with great zest. (one of them on the gifts of the Holy Spirit) I am inspired having just finished reading this at the end of a year and beginning of yet another. This is always such a good time to ponder and reflect on the past year and the changes you'd like yourself and God to make in you. I recommend this book. Actually...I have loved reading any and all the books I have received through “Chosen ”. So much so that I look for them now. I recommend this publishing company which is a division of Baker Publishing Group. I received this book for free from Chosen in exchange for a book review. I was not required to write a favorable review. Freely I have been given and so freely I give.

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